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My love for music serves as a big inspiration for me when building guitars.  Each guitar you pick up is unique in its feeling, as well as sound. However, not only are guitars important as a musical intruments, but each guitar is a work of art in its own right.

My journey in woodworking started for me when I was a young boy.  My father was a carpenter and a woodworker, and I remember spending many days with him in the shop, sanding and ripping lumber and sweeping sawdust off the floor.  It's an amazing feeling that through guitar building, I now get to combine my love for music with my father's love of woodworking that he instilled in me.

I've always been interested in building and restoration - and after I built a few cigar box guitars, that interest grew greatly.  The excitement and joy I get from being able to play what I've built keeps me wanting to become a better builder.

I was lucky enough to take a building class with a local luthier, Garth Quidley of GQ Guitars, where I built my first acoustic - which is still my favorite build to this day.  Garth taught me a lot about building and continues to be my mentor and friend.

My goal as a builder is to provide top quality guitars in sound and materials, while keeping a simple, classic feel and look.

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